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A palindrome (note the spelling difference) is a nonsensical sentence that reads (and is spelled) the same forwards and backwards. The most famous examples are:

"Madam, I'm Adam."

...or the one attributed to Napoleon:

"Able was I ere I saw Elba"

A PALNIDORM, on the other hand, takes some liberties with spelling when you go backwards. It tends to work better phonetically, though those of us who get our kicks from orthographic perversion like to spell them out both ways.

Example 1

Far Egg, due west of Fob Brook. Coo! Or boffo stewed giraffe.

Effar Ig, dew est of Fo Broooc. Koo! Rb boffo tsewued ggeraf.

Example 2

If ijits queer my mood, doom! I'm wreak sty jiffy!

Yff ijyts kaerw mi mood, doom! Ym reeuq sti jifi!

Example 3

Cart, Madam, I'm stupid. Di puts my mad Amtrak.

Kart, Madam, ym stupid. Di puts mi mad Amtrac.

Example 4

Silly, oh Burnham! That man rub who ill is.

Silli, ohw Burnam! Taht mahn rub ho yll is.

Example 5

I am the very model of a modern major general. La, renege roe jam new, do, Mafalda, my revert May eye!

Eye yam tre very madl af a modwen majoere general. La, reneg ro jam nre, do, Mafoledo, my reveht ma I!

Example 6

Soda vs. a demon Yob boy named - ha! - Svatos!

Sota vs. ah deman Yob boy nomed - a! - Svados!

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